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 Boys B Playoff FINALS 16-17

Boys B 2016-17 season


Coach / Team




 Team 1 - Coach Dale Jaggers  8  4  0
 Team 2 - Coach Brian Scott  1  12  0
 Team 3 - Sunrise Café, Jason Christman  12  2  0
 Team 4 - Amigos de Vista Lions, Coach Jeff Lynch  7  5  0
 Team 5 - Coach Todd Chumley  6  6  0
 Team 6 - Coach John Boone  12  2  0
 Team 7 - Coach Eli Gladden  2  10  0
 Team 8 - Herb Weston Atty, Coach Brown & Sando  9  3  0
 Team A - Jim Neilsen, Coach Danny Hyde  12  2  0
 Team B - Kiwanis of Sunrise Vista, Coach Jose Pulido  4  9  0
 Team C - Law Office of Jack Freidell, Coach Bill Davis  7  7  0
 Team D - Coach Larry Wagner  4  8  0
 Team E - Coach James Wachtler  1  11 0
 Team F - Coach Blake Starnes  0  12  0
 Team G - Primo Market Vista, Coach Todd VanDoren  11 3  0
 Team H - Coach Robert Jennings  7  7 0

Season Standings

1st - John Boone

2nd - Jim Neilsen - Danny Hyde

3rd -  Sunrise Café - Jason Christman (Overall pt diff 2.2117)

4th - Primo Market Vista - Todd Vandoren (Overall pt. diff 1.709)

5th - Herb Weston Atty. - Brown/ Sando (Overall pt. diff 1.328)

6th - Dale Jaggers

7th - Amigos de Vista Lions - Jeff Lynch

8th - Todd Chumley (H 2 H win over Davis 2/4/17)

9th - Law Office of Jack Friedell - Bill Davis

10th - Larry Wagner (H 2 H win over Jennings on 1/21/17)

101h - Robert Jennings

12th - Kiwanis of Sunrise Vista - Jose Pullido

13th - Eli Gladden

14th - James Watchler

15th - Brian Scott (Overall pt. diff higher than Starnes)

16th - Blake Starnes


Boys B top scorers

Week 1 - Dec 3rd - Player of the Week Darion Bonilla 28pts

Bo Villejo-6pts, Jayden Finley, Ty Sulli-9ts, Charles Aldrich-12pts, Mason Smith-10pts, Ethan Harper-10pts, Leland Martinez-10pts, Tevon Sesay-8pts, Chase Kuzntiz-6pts, Sam Rouette-8pts, Bryson Womack-7pts, Ctprian Hyde-19pts, Nicholas Voelpel-8pts, Darion Bonilla-28pts, Liano Lazo-15pts, Jason Sawyer-10pts, Ryan Griffiths-6pts, Aiden Zaneig-6pts, Kalen Kaye-10pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai-9pts, Branden Boone-16pts, Gavin Camino-12pts, Devin Johnson-10pts, Ashton Hanna-6pts, Isaac Alcantar-6pts,  Zachary Thomas-26pts, Jack Jennings-7pts, Brayden Bensley-7pts,


Week 2 - Dec 10th - Players of the Week Zachary Thomas 17pts & David Friedell 16pts & Cyprian Hyde 22pts

Charles Aldrich-14pts,Mason Smith-13pts, Miles Main-6pts, Bryson Womack-14pts, Joaquin Barraza-14pts, Jack Solari-12pts, Brayden Beasley-8pts, Michael Wilson-6pts, Curtis Johnson-6pts, Tevon Sesay-8pts, Zachary Thomas-17pts, Henry Weinpel-6pts, Luke Weipel-6pts, Cyprian Hyde-12pts, Nicholas Voelpel-7pts, Evan Nunez-6pts, Brandon Boone-10pts, Salvador Huerta-8pts, Benjamin Huff-8pts, Bo Villejo-7pts, Ty Sulli-10pts, Michael Corcoran-6pts, David Friedell-6pts, Jayden Sweitzer-10pts, Jess Hensley-7pts,

Dec 13th - Isaac Alcantar 14pts, Devin Johnson 7pts, Brandon Boone 6pts, Ty Sulli 9pts, Leland Martinez 14pts, River Scott 7pts.

Dec 14th - Carson Dixon 7pts, Rylan Griffiths 6pts, Brayden Beasely 9pts, Charlie Oman 9pts, Mason Smith 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 14pts, Bryson Womac 9pts, Cyprian Hyde 22pts, Kyle Rogers 9pts, Evan Nunez 8pts

Dec 15th - Tevon Sesay 8pts, Luca Cart 6pts, Madden Faraimo 7pts, Zachary Thomas 15pts,

Week 3 - Dec 17th Players of the Week Cyprian Hyde 26pts & Brandon Boone 21pts

Brandon Boone 21pts, Gavin Gamino 8pts, Bryson Womack 14pts, Joaquin Barraza 14pts, River Scott 13pts, Curtis Johnson 6pts, Charlie Orman 12pts, Charles Aldrich 11pts, Chase Kuznitz 12pts, Nathan Sarigumba 6pts, Rylan Griffiths 7pts, Madden Faraimo 7pts, Ethan Harper 8pts, Stunner Gonzales 6pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 9pts, Luca Cortez 9pts, Trent Lotitio 7pts, Cyprian Hyde 26pts, Bo Villego 7pts, Brayden bensley 10pts, Jack Jennings 8pts, Kout Dau 6pts, Zach Thomas 7pts, Luke Weinpel 7pts, Jayden Finley 8pts, Ty Sulli 8pts, Michael Corcoran 8pts


Week 4 - Jan 7th Players of the Week Cyprian Hyde 23pts, Brandon Boone 21pts

Brandon Boone 21pts, Gavin Christian 9pts, Zachary Thomas 20pts, Madden Faraimo 7pts, Liano Lazo 10pts, Nicholas Voelpel 9pts, Jaden Tay 16pts, Cyprian Hyde 23pts,  Leland Martinez 8pts, Boston Chumley 8pts, Charlie Orman 10pts, Charles Aldrich 14pts, Jayden Finley 7pts, Joaquin Barraza 8pts, Bryson Womack 9pts, Aston Hann 6pts, Issac Alcantar 7pts, Brandon Flanagan 8pts, Jack Jennings 6pts, Brayden Beasley 12pts, Luca Cart 15pts Carson Dixon 6pts.


Week 5 - Jan 14th Players of the week Jayden Finley 16pts & Cyprian Hyde 16pts

Isaac Alcantar 6pts, Parker Sybert 6pts, Tevon Sesey 12pts Chase Kuznitz 6pts, Jacob perterson 8pts, Matthew Mansell 7pts, Joaquin Barraza 7pts, Zachary Thomas 15pts, Luke Wein 6pts, Madden Faraimo 13pts, Bram Duffin 8pts, CJ Aldrich 11pts, Charlie Orman 6pts, Cyprian Hyde 16pts, Dylan Coast 8pts, Ethan Harper 15pts, Stonner Gonzales 10pts, Rylan McLeod 8pts, Ryan Griffiths 7pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 12pts, Luca Court 12pts, Trent Lotito 8pts, Christian Estrada 6pts, Jayden Finley 16pts, Logan Christmnan 6pts, Ty Sulli 6pts, Christian Vonderschel 8pts, Brandon Boone 8pts, Edison Lim 6pts

Week 6 - Jan 21st Players of the week Joaquin Barraza 19pts & Zachary Thomas 19pts

Jayden Finley 12pts, Ty Sulli 6pts, CJ Aldrich 6pts, Charlie Orman 6pts, Ethan Harper 13pts, Stunner Gonzales 12pts, Brayden Beasley 12pts, Jack Jennings 11pts, Zachary Thomas 19pts, Luke Weinpel 8pts, Judah Jaggers 6pts, Jayson Sweitzer 7pts, Leland Martinez 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 19pts, Bryson Womack 11pts, Jack Solan 9pts, Liano Lazo 14pts, Madden Faraimo 10pts, Darien Bonilla 7pts, Gavin Gavino 16pts, Devin Johnson 14pts, Tevon Sesay 14pts, Nicholas Volepel 8pts, Cyprian Hyde 7pts, Kyle Rodgers 7pts, Dave Friedell 14pts, Brandon Flanagan 12pts, Ashton Hanna 6pts,

Week 7 - Jan 28th Player of the week Zachary Thomas 36pts 

Joaquin Barraza 23pts, Jack Solari 16pts, Bryson Womack 11pts, Leland Martinez 12pts, Jayson Sweitzer 7pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 12pts, Luca Cortez 9pts, David Rivera 8pts, Zachary Thomas 36pts, Judah Jaggers 7pts, Riley Robbins 6pts, Brandon Boone 21pts, Gavin Gamino 10pts, Devin Johnson 6pts, Mason Smith 12pts, Jayden Finley 17pts, Ty Sulli 8pts, Logan Christman 7pts, Darian Bonilla 10pts Aiden Zanzig 8pts, Jacob Imoto 6pts, Cyprian Hyde 13pts, Nicholas Voelpel 10pts, Kyle Rodgers 7pts, Tevon Sesay 7pts, Chase Kuznitz 7pts Ashton Hanna 9pts, David Friedell 6pts, Sunner Gonzales 8pts, Ethan Harper 8pts

Week 8 - Feb 4th Player of the week Brayden Beasely 24pts & Cyprian Hyde 23pts

Brandon Boone 14pts, Salvador Huerta 10pts, Devin Johnson 9pts, Ethan Harper 11pts, Leland Martinez 10pts, Cyprian Hyde 23pts, Jaden Taylor 9pts, Ashton Hanna 13pts, Issac Alcantar 6pts, Mason Smith 12pts, Charles Aldrich 12pts, Charlie Orman 6pts, Brayden Beasely 24pts, Jack Jennings 6pts, Curtis Johnson 10pts, Madden Faraimo 20pts, Alexander Garcia-Zay 10pts, Jason Sawyer 10pts, Jatden Finley 20pts, Logan Christman 13pts, Ty Sulli 12pts,  Ryland Griffiths 6pts, Zachary Thomas 20pts, Luke Wein 8pts, Henry Weinpel 8pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 8pts, Trent Lotito 6pts, Luca Cortez 6pts,

Week 9 - Feb 11th Player of the week Cyprian Hyde 26pts

Madden Faraimo 11pts, Brandon Boone 17pts, Devin Johnson 12pts, Benjamin Huff 8pts, Cyprian Hyde 26pts, Nicholas Voelpel 13pts, Dylan Coast 8pts, Carson Dixon 8pts, Hunter Gemmell 6pts, Brayden Beasely 15pts, Nathan Sarigumba 10pts, Lance Omari 8pts, Tevon Sesay 6pts, Trent Lolito 13pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 8pts, Kalen Kaye 8pts, Luca Cortez 8pts, David Friedell 13pts, Ashton Hanna 7pts, Isaac Alcantar 6pts, Leland Martinez 9pts, Jayden finley 14pts, Logan Christman 9pts, Michael Corcorian 6pts, Ethan Harper 6pts, Stunner Gonzalez 6pts, Zach Taylor 14pts, Luke Wein 11pts, Mason Smith 10pts, Matthew 11pts, Joaquin Barraza 10pts, Jack Solari 8pts, Luke Mitchell 14pts,

Week 10 Playoffs - Feb 18th Player of the week Zach Thomas 21pts & Joaquin Barraza 20pts

Madden Faraimo 18pts, Darion Bonilla 9pts, Stunner Gonzales 13pts, Ethan Harper 10pts, Jayden Finley 18pts, Michael Corcoran 6pts, Derek Delgado 6pts, Rylan Griffiths 12pts, Joaquin Barraza 20pts, Jack Solari 7pts, Chase Kuzhitz 17pts, Paul Graham 7pts, Cyprian Hyde 17pts, Charlie Orman 12pts, CJ Alderson 10pts, Brandon Flanagan 9pts, Ashton Hanna 7pts, Trent Lotito 14pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 9pts, David Rivera 6pts, Leland Martinez 12pts, Christina Vanderschel 11pts, Salvador Huerta 11pts, Benjamin Huff 8pts, Brayden Beasley 6pts, Zach Thomas 21pts, Luke Wein 10pts, Henry Weipel 7pts,

Week 11 Playoffs - Feb 25th Player of the week River Scott 18pts

River Scott 18pts, Ethan Harper 11pts, Cyprian Hyde 12pts, Jayden Taylor 11pts, Evan Nunez 8pts, Darian Bonilla 7pts, Madden Faraimo 6pts, Jayden Finley 15pts, Ty Sulli 11pts, Michael Corcoran 7pts, Luke Wein 9pts, Henry Weinpel 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 14pts, Bryson Womack 7pts, Trent Lolito 13pts, Luca Cortez 11pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 7pts, Brandon Boone 12pts, Sal Huerta 10pts, Devin Johnson 9pts, CJ Aldrich 18pts, Charlie Orman 10pts. Joey Vivian 6pts, David Friedell 10pts, Ashton Hanna 8pts, Isaac Alcantar 8pts, Axel Dixon 8pts, Jacob Imoto 6pts, Jack Jennings 13pts, Michael Wilson 9pts, Carson Dixon 12pts, Rylan Griffiths 10pts, Tevon Sesat 7pts, Nolan Waufle 7pts, Leland Martinez 11pts

Week 12 Finals Player of the year Cyprian Hyde

Congratulations to all teams for a great season.

Your 2017 Boys B Champions are Sunrise Café Coach Jason Christman

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