Online Code Complaint Form

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Below are online Service Reporting Forms for the most commonly requested problems. 

  • Code Enforcement Complaint (Parked car on grass, Trash in yard, Abandoned vehicles, etc.) 
  • City Service & Public Works Report a Problem (Graffiti, Pothole, Street Light Out, Sewer Problem, Traffic Signal, Roadway Debris, Parks, Drainage Debris, others)
  • Noise complaint? *After hours, call Vista Sheriff Station @ 760.940.4551. During Business Hours, contact Code Enforcement at 760.639.6141 or use the online reporting form.     
  • Shopping Cart Retrieval Service (Call 800.252.4613 or 818.563.3070 for retrieval of abandoned carts.) 

Public Works Contact: After Hours Emergency

If you need to report a Public Works emergency after hours (traffic signal out, sewer spill, tree down, road debris, City park irrigation or water problem, other) please contact the After Hours Emergency contacts on the Public Works webpage.

Not Sure What You're Looking For?
You can always call the City of Vista at 760.726.1340 during business hours, and we’ll be happy to help. You can also use the “search” feature in the upper right of this page. Information about City Departments, can be found under Contact Us.